Best public golf courses in the Austin, Texas area

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Texas, where the rolling hills and expansive blue skies frame the perfect backdrop for a day out on the links. Austin is not just about the live music and mouthwatering BBQ; it's also a haven for golf enthusiasts looking to tee off on some of the most scenic and challenging public courses around. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just picking up a club for the first time, the Austin area offers a diverse array of greens that cater to every skill level, all while providing that laid-back, distinctly Texan vibe that visitors and locals alike have come to cherish. So grab your clubs, and let's explore the best public golfing experiences that Austin has to offer.

Forest Creek Golf Club 99 Twin Ridge Parkway, Round Rock, Texas Forest Creek Golf Club offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience, with well-maintained greens and a variety of amenities that enhance its value, such as freebies and a sweepstakes. The staff is consistently described as friendly and helpful, contributing to a positive atmosphere. However, it's important to note that there have been instances of dissatisfaction with management and customer service, indicating a polarized reception among patrons.

Butler Park Pitch & Putt Golf Course 201 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, Texas

Morris Williams Golf Course 4305 Manor Road, Austin, Texas Morris Williams Golf Course is celebrated for its pristine conditions and notable improvements, including a new clubhouse with restaurant and bar, as well as upgraded practice facilities. It's recognized as a top public course in Austin, offering a challenging yet accessible experience for golfers, all while maintaining its historical significance as a pioneer in inclusivity. Despite being a municipal course, it delivers an experience that rivals private clubs, with the added benefit of affordability and a convenient location.

Lions Municipal Golf Club 2901 Enfield Road, Austin, Texas Lion’s Municipal Golf Course, affectionately known as Muny by locals, is a well-maintained public course steeped in history and favored for its scenic beauty and wildlife. It boasts a friendly atmosphere with helpful staff and a pro shop stocked with appealing merchandise. The course offers a mix of challenging and simpler holes, catering to a diverse range of golfers and maintaining a good pace of play.

Lions Municipal Golf Course 2901 Enfield Road, Austin, Texas Lion's Municipal Golf Course, affectionately known as Muny by the locals, is a well-maintained historic gem nestled in West Austin's Tarrytown neighborhood. It offers a balanced mix of challenging and straightforward holes, set amidst scenic views and local wildlife, catering to players of all ages and skill levels. With its friendly staff, good course flow, and a charming old-school vibe, Muny is a preferred spot for both residents and visitors, offering a delightful golfing experience steeped in tradition.

Clay Kizer Golf Club 5400 Jimmy Clay Drive, Austin, Texas Kaiser Golf Course offers a budget-friendly, well-maintained golfing experience with distinct fairways and roughs, complemented by excellent greens. The course presents a fair challenge amidst natural hazards like water and trees, ensuring a satisfying round for those seeking value. Additional amenities include a refreshment cart and a cozy pub, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your day on the links.

Riverside Golf Course 1020 Grove Boulevard, Austin, Texas Riverside golf course is praised for its challenging layout that rewards strategic play, featuring wide open areas complemented by tough bunkers. The course conditions are noted to be excellent, with the greens and fairways recovering well from seasonal stresses. Visitors consistently highlight the friendly and welcoming staff, contributing to a positive golfing experience at an affordable price.

Blackhawk Golf Club 2714 Kelly Lane, Pflugerville, Texas

Shadow Glen Golf Club 12801 Lexington Street, Manor, Texas

Quicksand Golf Course 1 Pro Lane, Wimberley, Texas

Legacy Hills Golf Club 301 Del Webb Boulevard, Georgetown, Texas

Grey Rock Golf Club 7401 Highway 45, Austin, Texas