Best public golf courses in the Jacksonville, Florida area

Welcome to the sunny Jacksonville, Florida area, where the lush landscapes meet the laid-back Southern charm, offering an idyllic backdrop for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you're a local looking to tee off on a leisurely weekend or a visitor swinging by to experience the coastal golf scene, you're in for a treat. Our region boasts an array of public golf courses that not only highlight the natural beauty of Northeast Florida but also cater to a diverse range of preferences and play styles. From breezy links along the Atlantic to serene fairways nestled amongst towering pines, get ready to explore the best public greens where the welcome is as warm as the Florida sun.

Amelia Island Golf Resort 39 Beach Lagoon Road, Amelia Island, Florida

Ponte Vedra Club 200 Ponte Vedra Blvd, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Blue Sky Golf Club 1700 Monument Road, Jacksonville, Florida

Eagle Harbor Golf Club 2217 Eagle Harbor Pkwy, Fleming Island, Florida This course is praised for its exceptional condition, offering a pleasant golfing experience with attentive service and a challenge for various skill levels. The stunning views enhance the play, although the pace can be slow and the course may not cater to casual golfers. Despite occasional weather issues, the overall sentiment is one of eagerness to return.

St. Johns Golf and Country Club 205 St. John's Golf Drive, St. Augustine, Florida

Windsor Parke Golf Club 13823 Sutton Park Drive North, Jacksonville, Florida

Cimarrone Golf Club 2800 Cimarrone Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida The golf course has been facing some challenges, with patrons noting subpar conditions such as sandy greens and maintenance issues. Under new ownership, there are signs of improvement and a commitment to enhancing the course's condition, though some operational decisions have been met with criticism. Despite the setbacks, the scenic and challenging nature of the course has been acknowledged, and there is a sense of optimism about its future potential.

The Golf Club at South Hampton 315 South Hampton Club Way, St. Augustine, Florida The golf course maintains reasonable conditions despite weather challenges, but inconsistencies in maintenance and a lack of communication regarding course treatments such as aeration can impact the playing experience. Players have expressed frustration with the pace of play and course management, often experiencing slow rounds and overcrowded tee times. The staff, particularly at the bar, receives positive remarks, but overall, there is room for improvement in both course upkeep and customer service.

Bent Creek Golf Course 10440 Tournament Lane, Jacksonville, Florida The golf course has recently been noted for its excellent condition, offering a great value experience. Friendly staff, particularly in the pro shop, enhance the visit for golfers. While the course has received some criticism for maintenance issues, the overall sentiment suggests a positive playing environment with consistent greens.

Jacksonville Beach Golf Club 605 Penman Road South, Jacksonville Beach, Florida This municipal golf course is highly regarded for its excellent condition and is considered a must-play in the Jax beach area. Despite its popularity making tee times competitive, the course offers a fun design with a good mix of water and bunkers, and it is well-priced. Friendly staff and a great practice area add to the positive experience, although there have been some issues with the golf cart's auto-lock feature on wet days.

Hyde Park Golf Club 6439 Hyde Grove Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida The golf course offers a compact layout with visible play across the grounds, complemented by a supportive staff and amenities like a snack bar and a bar open till close. However, reviews indicate that the greens and tee boxes may not be in the best condition, with some golfers experiencing bumpy pathways and dissatisfaction with the value for the price. The presence of rangers has been reported to be intrusive, affecting the overall experience for some players.

Julington Creek Golf Course 1111 Durbin Creek Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida